Saturday, 4 April 2015

D is for Dennis

Anyone who lives in the Guildford area will be familiar with the business of Dennis Brothers. Originally from Devon the brothers moved to Guildford and set about building bicycle spares.

A few years ago I spotted this ashtray, which does show signed of use. As I was writing this post I came across the website for The Dennis Society, which was new to me. On that page it shows a picture of the Rodboro Buildings which for all my childhood was derelict despite being sited on some prime real estate. In fact it has only been in the last twenty years that the building has taken on a new lease of life and is the home of the Academy of Contemporary Music.

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  1. Well I never! This is familiar territory. I grew up in Guildford, though like you, have since moved away, and many of the places in your blog are at least vaguely familiar. I well remember the derelict Rodboro buildings and am so pleased to see on recent visits that they're being used again at last. Good luck with the A-Z challenge.