Thursday, 2 April 2015

B is for Bramley

A lovely little village on the main A281 out of Guildford towards the Sussex border. Early on in my career I worked in this cute village. That though, was not my only link to the village. My 5 x Great Grandfather, Daniel Butcher was baptised here, along with that of his siblings in the first two decades of the eighteenth century. 

There is the Bramley local History Society who formed in 1994 when I was still living in the County. My own ancestors moved from Bramley to Wonersh and had branches of that main line to the nearby villages of Hascombe and Shere. I always had the hunch that the Butcher family had originated in Sussex, and whilst I am still proving that hypothesis, Daniel Butcher married in Tillingon in 1745.

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