Monday, 7 April 2014

A view of Old Guildford circa 1902

I have had trouble locating the actual spot of this picture. I think it is a small alleyway off the High Street, on the right hand side, just past W.H. Smiths. What do you think?


  1. Hi Julie, love your site.
    The alleyway runs down parallell to Tunsgate and comes out at the Tudor Lounge. You go down past Party Poppers. On Google maps it doesn't have a name and I only know it as The Alleyway. On your postcard you'll see the top of the clock tower in the distance.

    1. Yes, you are right Toni! I knew I recognised it, but couldn't place it. You know what I mean. The Tudor Lounge - happy memories there!

      Glad you love the site, it is a random at least weekly labour of love!

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