Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Manor Farm, Wanborough - June 1986

I saw this watercolour in the early 1990s. It is of Manor Farm at Wanborough and was painted by local artist, Jean M Blair in June 1986, which was just a few months before the Puttenham One Place Study commenced.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

References in the Strangest of Places (part two)

The Library BookWhen I was in the local library last week I spotted this anthology, recently published called “The Library Book” Each chapter is about twenty pages or so from a well know and respected writer, sharing their personal views or memories about books.

The chapter written by Alan Bennett, which commences at page 25 talks about his parents and their regular outings to the public library in Leeds. Alan Bennett talks about the fact that his father left Leeds in 1944 to relocate with his family to Guildford.

This is what Allan Bennett said on page 30 with regard to Guildford in general

".....I don't remember ever finding the public library, but this was because a few doors down from the Butcher's shop where Dad worked was a private library, costing 6d a week, which in the children's section had a whole run of Richard Crompton's William books.........."
The second paragraph on the same page made reference to Walnut Tree Close and you can read those details on the Walnut Tree Close Study page.

I am quite curious to see if I can identify the location and the Butcher's shop that Allan Bennett is talking about.

The Library Book published Profile Books 2012 – ISBN 978 1 78125 005 1