Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Walnut Tree Close (Guildford) Community Archive

Back in 1984, I removed an article from the local newspaper about Walnut Tree Close. My family had been connected with the road since at least 1911. My Grandmother was born in the road in 1912.

She lived in the same property until about 1937, when her mother, who was a widow passed away. For a time, as the eldest daughter she had been looking after her brothers. At some point she returned home from town where she found her brothers had vacated the house, each going their separate ways within the Guildford area.

Between 1937 and 1939 she lived with her sister and brother in law in the Bellfields area and when she married my Grandfather in November 1939 she and my Grandfather initially made their home in Bright Hill, before relocating back to Walnut Tree Close in 1940, although in a different property. My family association with the road remained until 1996.

That first newspaper clipping was effectively the beginning of the end; as I have built up quite an archive of data.  I therefore felt it was about time, to get the material on-line.

I have therefore developed the website and a blog to accompany the website and over the course of the coming months plan to get the material on-line. 

The study is already registered with the Society for One-Place Studies

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