Thursday, 28 November 2013

Wanborough Cricket Club - Circa 1930?

Not the clearest photo, and sadly no one is identified in this picture. This dates circa 1930

Lymposs and Sons

Handcart and milk maid from Lymposs and Son Dairy. This firm operated from two dairies in Guildford, addresses at High Street and Woodbridge Road. Lymposs and Son eventually merged with another diary to create Lymposs and Smee.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Elstead Football Club 1911

Standing Row - Herbert ELLIS, u/k, u/k, William BIAS, George WARNER, Alfred NOVELL, Guy BOVINGTON, Sandy TILSON, u/k, Henry ELLIS, Lewis NOVELL, u/k.

Sitting Row - first 3 u/k, Hubert HARDY, Jack BOND

Epsom and London Road, Guildford circa 1909

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Order of Buffaloes - George R Stentiford - 24th November 1932

The following was shared with me for the purpose of posting to Guildford & District. A medal awarded to George R Stentiford, a member of Order of the Buffaloes in the Jubilee Lodge (number 3508) at Guildford. Dated 24th November 1932

I was a little curious about George R Stentiford, so decided to have a little look at what paper trail he had left behind.

Firstly, I located a marriage of George to Clara Punter in Kingston Upon Thames

Marriage at Kingston Upon Thames - Image courtesy of Ancestry

George's occupation showed that he was a professional footballer. A quick search on Google revealed a small amount of detail via Wikipedia. This confirmed that he started his football career in Kingston before moving to various clubs in the north of England before returning to Surrey and playing for Guildford United.

A further search on Google revealed that George is buried in Merrow, Guildford with Clara - See HERE for details, and I on a trip to Guildford I located the grave at Merrow, which you can see on Grave Encounters.