Monday, 3 June 2013

Guildford and the Great Storm 2nd August 1906

Guildford and the Great Storm was a twelve page pamphlet published on 4th August 1906 by the Surrey Times. The Storm occurred on 2nd August 1906 and caused devastation and was the cause of several fatalities.

I bought the pamphlet in 2006 and as you would expect is does show signs of aging and has foxing and a little rust on the staples!

It is a truly lovely example of Guildford Memorabilia and is yet another way in which local historians can expand their knowledge on the area. Genealogists can glimpse extra information which may assist them on further research.

I have created a small index of the names that occur in the pamphlet. Any errors are mine, and I would urge researchers to confirm any facts before adding it to their research. 

You can read a PDF of this pamphlet HERE

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