Monday, 27 May 2013

Woodbridge Meadows Footbridge circa 1914


  1. I have wondered for a long time where this bridge was - I assume it is not there now. Please can you enlighten me. Has a new bridge replaced it?

    1. Howard, there is still a bridge over this part of the River Wey - walk down Walnut Tree Close passing (on the opposite side of the River the sea cadet huts) there is the bridge almost adjacent to the railway bridge. The "new bridge" was certainly already in situ in the 1970s so I guess the bridge in the postcard was replaced with one the same (or perhaps strengthened) say about 1930 - 1960

    2. I should have said, my Grandmother remembered the bridge & the cattle that used to graze on this side of the river on the meadows in the late 1910-1920. She was born in WTC in 1912 & my great grandmother certainly was living in WTC after 1903.